Our Quality

Our Quality

We believe that the key to our success has been Ramat’s commitment to Project Management, Customer Care and Support and Team Enterprise where-in every one of our people recognises their individual and corporate responsibilities for Quality.

This provision will be of a standard of ‘Quality’ which is perceived by our customers to match their own expectations for ‘excellence’, be seen as ‘value for money, whilst meeting in full the requirements of Standards, Legislation or Codes of Practice associated to the Food and Drink Industry.

The Primary objective of our Company is ‘Never Ending Improvement and Continuing Prosperity’ based upon the integrity of our dealings with Customers, Suppliers and Employees alike.

This Policy will be achieved by providing a work environment that values integrity and encourages teamwork, innovation, personal and professional growth; employing the principles of Total Quality Management to maintain and continually improve the ‘Quality’ of what we do.

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